□ »» Find out at what height you are at the moment! 
□ »» Advanced technologies for the vertical navigation! 
□ »» Determining the current location in three-dimensional coordinates system! 

►The Application Altimeter will transform your I-device into a device which will be able to find out at what altitude above sea level you are at the moment.

The program reads the data sent by one satellite GPS and transforms them into a metric system and into a feet system. The point, in which is located your body, is localized in 3 coordinates: longitude, latitude and altitude. 

□□□ The Altimeter™ — is very useful for the tourists, amateur alpinists and extremist parachutists. The application is very useful in keeping the evidence of personal records and is a source of enthusiasm to conquer new heights. In addition, the application is easy to use as a measuring device for calculating the height of the buildings, trees or other elements from the natural landscape. 

A nice and well organized interface provides quick access to data and a visual comfort when reading. In order to read the data, you only need to access the application. 

▪ For being more attractive, the application has an interesting range of graphic themes. 
▪ A digital display easy to read. 
▪ Automatic GPS data processing 
▪ Latitude and longitude coordinates 
▪ Altitude above sea level in meters and feet 
▪ High sensitivity, error rate — minimal 

••• Use the possibility of navigation via satellite, so at any time, you will be able to establish with high precision, where you are. The application helps you not to get lost, and if necessary you can inform other people about your coordinates.